Stormy Daniels: “Cajun Cicciolina”??? Or “‘Da Boot’s” Mary Carey??? (Updated)

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[7-30-09: Updated below -- scroll to bottom.]

Politics down here in Louisiana has been kinda boring since Edwin Edwards got jailed and David Duke got has racist neo-Nazi ass booted….but that might just be about to change in a big way. And in a pretty sexy way, too.

Much ink press and bandwidth has been poured on the troubles of our state’s junior senator, Republican David Vitter, and his most recent issue of getting caught in whorehouses. To be specific, Vitter was caught with his pants down (and his Depends exposed) when his name showed up on the clientele list of now deceased DC Madam Deborah Sue Palfrey’s prostitution/escort service…the one that was busted last year and ultimately let to Palfrey being convicted of solicitation, and ultimately leading to her suicide. (The Depends reference was to his stated fetish for wearing diapers and acting out supposed “baby” play, I guess.) After first denying the story, Vitter was forced to do the contrarian presser along with his wife where he admitted to “sinning” and “adultery” and he promised that the would never, by God, never do such freakery again.

This would make news anyway, but the extra boost is the fact that Vitter is one of the more reactionary right-wing Senators in that astute body, who has become one of the point men in the Vast Conservative Backlash against President Obama and the Vast Muslim-Socialist Conspiracy (and he’s not so much in love with the Clintons, either; he was a big booster of impeaching President Bubba when he was still a Congressman, and he was one of two Senators who voted against Hillary’s ascension to the office of Secretary of State). Such mossbackery also extends to the social arena as well; Vitter is about as close to the Religious Right as you can get, voting down the line for everything from a constitutional amendment against abortion to public sanctioned prayer in public schools to “faith-based” funding of social programs.

Now..such sexual hypocrisy may be acceptable to those on the Right (and Louisiana is quite conservative, and getting even more right-wing as time goes by due to the effects of Black flight thanks to the affereffects of Hurricane Katrina and the decline and division of Democratic Party politics; and Louisiana was one of the few states to buck the Obama landslide and back John McCain for President last year, even though Democrats out-register Republicans by nearly a 2-to-1 margin). But, for liberals and those looking forward to offing Vitter in 2010, when he comes up for reelection,

hope springs eternal that they can find a candidate that would take full advantage of Vitter’s…ummm, weakness.

Which brings us to the sexy portion of this tale…namely, adult porn entertainer Stormy Daniels.

No one can say that Ms. Daniels is an idiot or a stereotypical porn girl: she is smart enough to be a successful businesswoman even prior to starring in porn, she handles herself with the kind of aplomb and style and grace that even Hillary would have to stand up and notice, and she certainly does have plenty of charisma and adeptness in the art of speech. And best of all….she’s a born-and-raised Louisiana native (now residing in Baton Rouge).

For some folk looking for who they think as the perfect candidate to topple Diaper Dave, that’s more than good enough.

The idea of running a porn starlet for Vitter’s Senate seat apparently got going around last December, when an ad appeared on the indie and underground list seeking for(as cited at the New Orleans political gossip site The Daily Kingfish )….

Seeking a female candidate to challenge David Vitter in the Republican primary for the United States Senate in 2010. Candidate must be over thirty years old and a registered Republican in the state of Louisiana. Beyond this, we are looking for a candidate with a history in some aspect of the adult entertainment industry who has taken the benefit of that experience both monetarily and otherwise and translated it into success in their later career.

Candidate will have the benefit of an experienced campaign staff including finance and media teams. Reasonable compensation as allowed by federal campaign finance rules will be offered. This is a serious offer for a serious candidate who cares about the direction of her state and community and who is willing to accept the serious commitment of a state wide political campaign.

Please forward a resume or CV with contact information along with a 200 word description telling us who you are and why you think you are the ideal candidate to challenge David Vitter.

Notice also that the first comment out of that blog entry explicitly mentioned one possible candidate: Stormy Daniels.

My first suggestion would be Stormy Daniels ( 0.00 / 0 )
She’s a native Baton Rougean, has been very successful in the adult entertainment industry, and has crossover appeal.

Wikipedia Page

She could be perfect. She’s been in quite a few porno flix, and probably more than a handful of big name flicks (The 40 Year Old Virgin, for example).

In some regards, she’s the classic “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” success story the GOP love.

Apparently, they worked really fast, because on January 17th, this new ad appeared on Craigslist:

Seeking Energetic Field Organizers for Senate Campaign (New Orleans)

After an exhaustive review process, we are announcing that we are no longer accepting applications for a female candidate with a history in the adult entertainment industry to challenge Senator Vitter. We want to thank all the talented candidates who applied and endured through our rigorous application process. We furthermore apologize for any inconveniences the applications or interviews may have caused. We are certain many of you will go on to achieve long and accomplished careers in public service, and wish you well in your future endeavors.”

An announcement pertaining to the final results of our selection process is forthcoming. We are, however, now accepting applications for energetic and personable field organizers for our grassroots campaign. Past or current affiliation with a political party is unimportant, this is a bipartisan effort of civic minded citizens with a desire to change Louisiana and the nation.”

Organizers should be at least 18 years old with two years of campaign experience, or put another way, WE HAVE FOUND OUR PORN STAR, AND SHE NEEDS A STAFF.

Notice, though, that the original requirement of Republican affiliation has been removed. Coincidynk? Conspirasy?? Maybe.

At first, Ms. Daniels basically denied that she was in the running for Vitter’s seat, citing her still ongoing porn career (she is currently the featured contract performer for Wicked Pictures, and is also doing some production on the side). This was posted to the blog on January 17th:

Ultimately, Democrats will push one theme to the forefront: sex. Operatives have been hard at work trying to find an adult film star to qualify for the race. Hopes were initially high about landing Adult Video News award winner Stormy Daniels, a Baton Rouge-area native, but, like Melancon, her prospects are dwindling. Democrats may have to settle for a stripper or, um, other sex worker. But the project is in the pipeline. “It’s going to happen,” one operative says. “It’s getting all wired up now.”

The “Melancon” reference is to US Congressman Charles Melancon, who represents the US House Fifth District encompassing mostly coastal South Louisiana (the Morgan City/Houma/Thibodeaux/River Parishes/Atchafalaya Basin area) as a typical (for Louisiana) conservative “Blue Dog” Democrat; the other Democrat candidate oft rumored is Jim Bernhard, a wealthy millionaire who heads up The Shaw Group, a shipping and distribution powerhouse. The most popular potential Repub challengers to Vitter are former state representaive and Christian Coalition exec Tony Perkins, and current state rep Jay Dardenne out of Baton Rouge.

It would have stopped there…but then this amazing thing happened: The grass roots (mostly, what counts for a liberal blogosphere here in ‘Da Boot) rose up in support of Stormy D. A rump “Draft Stormy” website and blog appeared suddenly out of thin air, touting her as an effective “libertarian” alternative to Diaper Dave. Various blogs both in New Orleans and statewide began pushing for Stormy to run. Even the MSN and the usually non political porn blogs began to take notice of her and her obvious charms and assets….and not just her physical ones, either.

And it seems to have worked, because of late, Stormy’s been sounding like she’s going all in on this one. In recent interviews with The Daily Beast and CNN (as in this YouTube video clip ), she has more than openly hinted that she will run against Vitter and even challenged him to a debate. Even the liberal mega news repository blog Raw Story gave Daniels some major publicity, citing one of her most recent interviews.

Now, she does have her critics who think that she would be more of a sideshow and a laughingstock to a state that has already seen enough laughingstocks (Edwin Edwards, David Duke, Dollar Bill Jefferson, and our past three governors Mike Foster, Kathleen Blanco, and Bobby Jindal), and that maybe a more serious candidate like former Senator John Breaux would be more acceptable.

But the more I think about Stormy Daniels running, the more upside I see…and although I do have a working dick, I still have a fully functional head between my shoulders, too. No one can doubt that Stormy is certainly articulate and very smart (she won’t be confused with Mary Carey in the quick thought department). While she is more of a right-leaning libertarian on most issues non-sexual, that probably won’t hurt her in a state this economically conservative. And she certainly has the platform and the ability to call out Vitter on his hypocrisy.

What may hurt Ms. Daniels more than anything is that Vitter has unlimited bank (he’s already raised a $2 million war chest for his reelection), and his more recent pontifications on the issues (especially his attacks on President Obama and the “socialist” Dems) may rally enough of the Christian Right to ignore his faux-pas and let him slide.

Also, it also depends a great deal on what kind of candidate the Democrats put out; while Bernhard and Melancon do have the establishment’s support as the typical white conservative Democrat, there is a possibility that the Obama election may motivate enough progressives and Blacks to put forth a candidate of their own to challenge the Blue Dog faction….and there’s even the possibility of an independent progressive candidate if the Democrats keep punking the Left in favor of “the Center” and piss enough Blacks and liberals off. If that happens, then the election may become divisive enough to allow Vitter to sneak through with his Christian Right base.

In any case, though….we are in for some interesting times down here.

And, if by some chance lightning does strike and Stormy Daniels does get herself elected into the world’s most deliberate political body….how will the old boys (and the new girls) react to her cleavage??? If Hillary’s flash caused that much stir when she was there, can you imagine what will happen when Stormy hits the Senate floor???

I may not vote for her (I am a pro-sex Leftist , you know)….but I wish her well. Anything that gets Diaper Dave off the Senate does good by me. Kick his ass, Stormy…and take no prisoners.


Update (7-30-09): was fun while it lasted. Turns out that Stormy’s reputation as a hothead may have gotten the better of her…in spades.

Quoting directly from

Stormy Relationship

Cops: Porn star/Senate wannabe Daniels battered hubby over laundry

JULY 29–In a setback to her nascent U.S. Senate campaign, porn star Stormy Daniels (real name, [redacted] ) was arrested Saturday afternoon for domestic violence after she allegedly battered her husband because she was “upset because the way the laundry had been done.” [Daniels] , who has said she is interested in challenging Republican David Vitter next year for his Senate seat from Louisiana, was nabbed for striking her husband “Michael on his head with her hands several times,” according to a Tampa Bay Police Department report. [Daniels] , 30, told cops that she did not intentionally hit her husband, but acknowledged tossing a potted plant in the kitchen sink, throwing the couple’s wedding album on the floor, and breaking some candles. The adult film actress, pictured in the below mug shot, was briefly booked into the Hillsborough County jail, where she was later released on $1000 bond. [Daniels] , who decided to challenge Vitter after the incumbent admitted patronizing a prostitution ring, has formed an exploratory committee in her home state of Louisiana. Its slogan is “Stormy Daniels: Screwing People Honestly.” (6 pages)

The link to the Smoking Gun piece also contains the full affadavit/police report, along with the official mugshot of Ms. Daniels taken during her arrest. (Note, the affadavit does use Ms. Daniels’s real name, which I have redacted here, in lieu of official SmackChron policy against outting the real names of porn performers.)

And that’s not the only development, either…the Pornochromatic blog also tells of a rather strange event that occured rather simultaneously with the battery charge: seems like someone decided to detonate the car driven by Stormy’s chief political advisor, Brian Welsh (who is also the founder and master of the website). A surveillance camera caught the act on film, and is now available via You Tube, and also via the Pornchromatic blog. AVN also has a story on the firebombing here .

Who knows whether the two are related, or that perhaps one of David Vitter’s folks wasn’t taking any chances….but it more than looks like whatever the case, Vitter will get an easy ride.  The only main opposition he may get will be from conservative Democratic US Congressman Charlie Melancon (who mostly represents Southeastern and coastal Louisiana); and given the expat status of the New Orleans area and the generally right-wing dominant politics, I don’t really see any real challenges as of now.

Too bad for Louisiana…and for Stormy Daniels, too. All the best for her in getting things back together.

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  • Aspasia

    Babe, that’s Deborah Jean Palfrey. ;) And I do wish Stormy the bestest.

    “his more recent pontifications on the issues (especially his attacks on President Obama and the “socialist” Dems) may rally enough of the Christian Right to ignore his faux-pas and let him slide.”

    That shit ALWAYS happens too. They’ll ignore his transgressions but not anyone else’s. This should be interesting at least.

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